Dementia has a deep impact on both the sufferer and his family. You may be shattered if a loved one has been diagnosed with a memory decline disorder; it is important to remember that you are not alone. Many resources can help you in this journey.
Donapp is a mobile-based app specially designed for memory-decline patients and their caregivers. It can serve as a lifeline and support you in managing your loved elder’s condition. It specifically addresses several problematic issues.

Tracking and monitoring

One of the most challenging issues related to the care of persons with dementia is wandering off – a phenomenon where the patient leaves the caregiving environment without supervision. Wandering is a common phenomenon in dementia. 60% or six in ten sufferers are at risk of wandering off. Since dementia-affected people may be disoriented and not remember names, addresses, or telephone numbers, they may be unable to find their way home or even reach a safe location. It can be a serious threat as they can get lost. Wandering can cause a lot of unwanted stress to the caregivers. Donapp has a feature to address this issue that helps you monitor and track your loved ones to prevent them from wandering off and getting lost.
This feature is programmed to send SMS messages to two emergency numbers if the patient wanders out of a predetermined radius.

Personalized photo album

Memory decline disorders like dementia can steal away the memories of the most important events in a person’s life. Studies have proven that constant reminders like personal photographs can help the sufferer revive and retrieve some memories.2 The personalized photo album feature of the Donapp can help you create an album of special memories for your loved one.


Memory decline diseases like dementia can snatch away the ability to remember recent events as well as past occurrences. A reminder about medicines and doctor’s appointments can be very beneficial as it can improve adherence to treatment. 3 It can keep the sufferer independent for a longer time. The burden of Alzheimer’s is most difficult for the caregiver. You may be having to juggle many responsibilities in addition to care-giving and in this course you may sometimes forget important things like a doctor’s appointment. Donapp can help you in this by giving you reminders about doctor’s appointments and medicine doses

Gives information and tips about dementia

Knowledge about memory decline disorder can empower the sufferer and the caregiver better to understand the disease and the future course of action.
Donapp can help in this regard by providing detailed information and simple and practical tips that can enhance the patient’s and caregiver’s quality of life.
Donapp also features a video highlighting the ten critical signs of Alzheimer’s disease.


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